NESSI is the European Technology Platform (ETP) dedicated to Software, Services and Data

NESSI,  the Networked European Software and Services Initiative, provides input to the EU Institutions on research actions and technology matters of particular importance to the software domain, and the overall aim is to enable the software and services sector help vitalize the great potential of the European economy and society. NESSI gathers partners and members from all over Europe, both from industry and academia, and engages in close dialogue with the European Commission and other stakeholders on several topics of specific relevance to NESSI - such as Big Data Value, Cloud Computing and Software Engineering.

NESSI takes an active role in addressing future challenges of Europe, by offering research oriented software and services based solutions, while at the same time working for ensuring that enough resources are invested in leading-edge industrial and academic research for innovative technologies in the software and service domain. Europe has to turn its outstanding R&D potential, its infrastructure and its technological environment into successful product development and marketable products in order to maintain its competitive edge.

Europe has to master the innovation cycle for key technologies that will allow people, businesses and governments to succeed and to seize the opportunities of the future. Enterprises in Europe are constantly facing challenges such as structural changes and will have to rely on innovative and advanced software in order to be able to adapt to these changes. It is part of NESSI's vision to play an important part in this process.

The NESSI Manifesto - a vision for Horizon2020

The NESSI Manifesto describes the road towards the next digital information society and economy. The NESSI Manifesto, together with the supporting document NESSI Prospectus, outlines the vision and mission of NESSI within the context of Horizon 2020.

In the manifesto, NESSI describes an ICT sector which has progressed with an accelerating pace. Technologies such as telecoms and infrastructure, software and services as well as information and content have clearly converged. Along this continuous development of our digital environment, NESSI sees Software, software-based services and data as the key facilitators for these changes. NESSI is committed to further drive these changes through the support of its member community.

As stated in the Manifesto – the mission of NESSI is to:

  • provide thought leadership in Europe on the convergence of the networks of data, things and services and the transformation into a new digital society, on the technological and socio-economic implications, and on the consequent business opportunities;
  • drive convergence and transformation by strengthening and advancing the software and service-based economies in Europe; and
  • stimulate the creation of ecosystems around software, services, and data; and
  • provide visionary, comprehensive input to the European Commission, thereby shaping the European research and innovation agenda.

Please click on the respective name to read the full version of the NESSI Manifesto and the supporting document, the NESSI Prospectus.